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 New City Visual Environment for Kyoto   -Announcement of a New Policy for Enhancing the City Visual Environment by Kyoto City and Opposition Activities by Our Industry-   

In November, 2006, the City of Kyoto announced a policy change to improve the city visual environment. This includes very strict rules regarding outdoor advertising that bans rooftop advertising and blinking illumination and a revised city ordinance for buildings. From November 27 to December 28, the City asked citizens for their opinions regarding the new policy via the internet and other medium.

Strong opposition was raised by real estate and advertising businesses and their related industries.

On the morning of December 19th, representatives from the All Japan Neon-Sign Association including Chairman Itano, Vice-Chairman Tsukawaki, Director Takamura and other key members together with Mr. Hosokawa, Chairman of NIKKOREN, Mr. Yamazaki, Chairman of KINKOBI, and Mr. Uede of KYOKOBI visited Kyoto City Hall and submitted an opposing statement under the names of the five organizations as shown separately. From the Kyoto City Office, Mr. Teramoto, Manager of City View Planning Section met our representatives.

This meeting was covered by various media such as the Kyoto Shimbun and Kansai Television. Also, the home pages of various media covered the story.

After compiling opinions given by citizens, the city assembly will discuss the matter in February. If the city assembly approves the bill as drafted, rooftop advertising and blinking illumination will be totally banned.

We are concerned about this situation and it is hoped that the city will listen and understand our standpoint and reconsider the planned measures.



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