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Vol. 104: Huge imaging arcade in a socialist state
Huge imaging arcade in a socialist state
I was told that “Beijing has an imaging device similar to the huge arcade-type imaging device found in the Fremont Street in Las Vegas,” but I must say, I had my doubts. The device in Las Vegas was built by casino owners as a result of investment of huge amounts of money. It was built as a last-ditch effort in an attempt to rescue an old street from losing business.

Why would Beijing need to activate the economy by pouring such huge amounts of money into a project like this? And who would be financing it?

Nonetheless, a similar imaging device really existed. The location is a square surrounded by shopping area, in the vicinity of a number of hotels. However, people gathering there are apparently not tourists, but locals. Furthermore, they seem to pay no attention to the images projected, but are much more infatuated with various live shows being held at the corners of the square. The images projected include armed forces marching in the Tiananmen Square, arrays of tanks and combat jets flying at full speed above them, and crowds watching them and the big guns present at the People’s Hall. The photo screen accidentally became monochrome, but of course it can handle colors without any problem.

Is this an imaging device for conveying national policies for the purpose of boosting national prestige? If it is, who is the audience?

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