Vol. 24: Symbolic Signs of Wonderland Shanghai

The attraction of Shanghai might be summed up in the phrase gthe fascination of mismatching.h It isnft just a matter of the pre-modern and the modern, the West and the East existing chaotically side by side. Therefs the sight of laundry hanging out from the windows of imposing buildings in the classical style; the weird sight of rickshaws passing between high-rise buildings; the extraordinary way in which absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happens despite the enormous numbers of people thronging the streets. Shanghai presents a veritable image of Wonderland.

Therefs another world where the people of Shanghai often visit, a miniature leisure land which goes under the imposing name of gGreat World.h The site includes a game center, movie theaters, discotheques, and karaoke salons, and it is constantly thronged with young people. It is a place of relaxation for the 1.4 million people who live in close proximity to one another in Shanghai. A tower with steps caters for the desire for amusement of the people of Shanghai, and in the evening the area is lit up vividly by neon lights. The whole area seems like a symbol of gWonderland Shanghai.h The characters are all used to display advertising signs which seem to symbolize the recent state of the city.

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