Vol. 42: The Overhanging Signs of Rottenburg

Our journey to the gRomantische Strasseh began at Fussen at the foot of the Alps. The windows of the houses lining the streets were decorated with flowers in a variety of colors and, together with the endless rolling hills, presented a beautiful, dream-like spectacle. The high point of the Romantische Strasse is the castle city of Rottenburg, which is known as the gJewel of the Middle Ages.h

Wonderful overhanging signs attached over the shops in this fairytale world blend perfectly with the appearance of the streets. The signs are an indispensable formative element of the city itself. I noticed that the motif of this sign was flowers. The sensitively built protruding arm is formed in the shape of vine branches, and the sign hanging at the tip is in the image of a single flower.

Among the many signs that employ flowers as the symbols of the shops to which they are attached, the ones that attracted me the most were the two in the photographs. One involves a combination with real roses and has an ingenious charm all its own. The other is a flower-shaped sign only forty centimeters in height. Looking closely, one can make out a symbol mark in the form of a twisted rod, indicating that this is a bakery. The people who live along the Romantische Strasse live in a floral environment, and I was most impressed to see the depth of the feelings that they clearly have for flowers.

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