World Sign
Vol. 46: The Questionable Authenticity of Objects in a Jewelry Store

I arrived in the suburbs of Madison in the state of Wisconsin. There was no sign of anyone in the small shopping center that was on the verge of closing. The highly noticeable all-glass facade was beautifully decorated with neon. There was one shop that looked the epitome of a high-class establishment. I looked inside and saw that it was a jeweler’s. I noticed the erotic neon objects all over the walls and felt that I simply had to get some photographs.

Having entered the shop, I noticed that there were no other customers; the only other people on the premises were the severe-looking proprietor and a young assistant. It would be discourteous to suddenly take some photographs without saying anything beforehand, but considering the nature of the objects in question, I felt a bit embarrassed actually to say what I wanted to do. For a start, the shop assistant was standing right of the neon lights and showed no sign of attempting to move.

I walked around the shop with my eyes on the showcases, and the proprietor asked me if I was searching for anything in particular. This made it easier for me to say what I wanted to do. I asked him in broken English if he would let me photograph the neon signs. He gave a broad smile and in an affable tone of voice let me photograph at will.

I thought that the female form in plaster seen from behind looked rather voluptuous, and looking at the photograph after it had been developed, it would appear that it is based on a cast taken from a real person. This is clear from the cavities on the shoulders and the subtle wrinkles on the buttocks.

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