Vol. 6: Neon Signs in Las Vegas (3)
The neon signs decorating the casinos of Las Vegas are unparalleled in terms of extravagance anywhere in the world. But there are other types of neon sign unique to the city: those used to decorate churches. Around 50 percent of American households have been through divorce, and Las Vegas is well-known as a place where divorces can be easily arranged. There are more than 150 churches in and around Bluebird in the center of Las Vegas which undertake divorce ceremonies 24 hours a day. The buildings look superficially like small eateries or out-of-town cafes and could scarcely be further removed from the sacred image generally associated with churches. Just as the wedding industry is a booming business in Japan, so the divorce industry can set itself up as a viable industry. It is thus only to be expected that the buildings used in this connection should be commercially orientated. Some Americans come to this dreamland in the desert for their honeymoons and a bit of gambling on the side, while there are others who come to gamble and then to get divorced.

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