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Vol. 83: Is the Pyramid a Sign?
Is the Pyramid a Sign?

There is no question that everyone is amazed at the size of the pyramids. I personally realized a pyramid’s huge size when I went into an inside tunnel. I felt the pressure of huge stones weighing several thousand tons while walking on the slope of the narrow long tunnel with my hands touching those stones. The pressure became heavier as I walked. Each stone was constructed with the sweat of ancient people.

It is still a wonder why the pyramids were constructed and there exist various theories. I am most interested in the theory of mirage civilization advocated by Helumule Toribucci .of Germany. According to his theory, every ancient civilization is tightly connected to the mirage. When the pyramids were buil the climate around the mouth of the river Nile was very different from that of today and the mirage was constantly occurring. He supposed that the kind of mirage that occurred then was a huge up-side-down triangle that astonished people. From a structural point of view, a triangle is a most impressive and stable shape when placed on vast land on the horizon. It must have been a magnificent scene when it reverses the sides and appeared in the sky.

In my mind’s eye, I saw the image of the King’s soul going up the stairs being guided to heaven in the reverse triangle in the interior of the pyramid The photo is the Red Pyramid at Duffshule.

(translated by Satoko Matsuoka)

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