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Vol. 86: Anne Frankfs House
Anne Frankfs House

I was a high-school student when I read gAnne Frankfs Diary.h I understood the cruelty of living in isolation at a young age and I was shocked at the holocaust.

The first time I visited Europe was 34 years ago when I was 30, and I visited Amsterdam. Although I knew Anne Frankfs house was there and open to public, I did not have a chance to visit.

Five years ago, I came back to Amsterdam but I did not have enough time. I thought I could at least see the house from the outside, and walked around with a guidebook but could not find it.

For the third visit to the city, my wish came true. The house was located near the Westerkerk and was facing a canal. There was a white plate saying gAnne Frankhuish on a dark green pillar of the house. . The plate was so small that it seemed like it symbolized her short life. No wonder I could not find the house last time.

The layout of the house was exactly the same as Anne described it in her diary.
When I saw the bookcase used as a camouflage, the garret, and the stairs, they somehow felt familiar as if I had seen them before. Anne and her family lived in isolation for two years and one month with anxiety, fear and a little hope. It seemed like their feelings still remained in the house

This visit was to look back on the impact I received in my youth and I would call it gthe pilgrimage to my hearth.

(translated by Satoko Matsuoka)

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