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Vol. 89: What is the Purpose of a Big Display?
What is the Purpose of a Big Display?

Brussels is not a city only for the Grand Place and Manneken Pis. I deeply felt so during my recent trip. It is a treasure box filled with designs derived from a long history and at the same time its streets are filled with contemporary designs. As a birthplace of Victor Olta, a father of Art Nuevo, this city is full of Art Nuevo designs. Each design is admirable. At the same time, the designs of new buildings in newly developed areas built with a lot of glass are novel.

When I was walking along a street filled with antique and craft shops, I found a building with a huge display. A big rope was spread around the building and a tag-shaped panel was attached to it.

The panel said “We are moving.” I did not think such a big building could be moved. I was not convinced that such a big elaborate display was necessary to notify about a move. Then, what is the purpose of this big display? Was I thinking too much if I said this was a performance played by an old city street? I thought of this since this country values not only old but novel things.

(translated by Satoko Matsuoka)

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