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Vol. 92: Moroccans Doors as an Art Canvas
Moroccans Doors as an Art Canvas

   I always wanted to go to Morocco, the stage for the movie “Casa Blanca”, and when I finally visited I found that the country was filled with attractiveness. Their sense of art is extraordinary.
   The item I was most impressed with was an iron door of an ordinary house. Design patterns were outlined with iron strings and were filled with colors, and none of the designs were the same. Most were geometrical patterns but some were mysterious designs with curved lines. Those mysterious designs were like modern art done by Miro, Kandinski, and Picaso.
   Why are the Moroccans particular about doors? Since the outer wall of each building is made of dried bricks covered with mud and lacks individuality and decoration, the people might want to assert themselves with the design of their entrance doors. The combination of coarse reddish wall, typical for this country, and a decorative door is elegant and appealing. Other than the doors, window grilles were also attractive.
   Similar to the doors, each grille was different from the others and each design was modern and appealing. It seems that the Moroccans are people who are particular about the openings in their buildings. I thought that a complete photograph book could be made with the photos of those doors and window grilles.

(translated by Satoko Matsuoka)

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