Town Mascot

 ― Klee on Wall Surface? ―  

This place can be reached by walking around 10 minutes from a certain subway station on the outskirts of Tokyo. A town like any other, where there is nothing new under the sun to be seen anywhere. In such a corner, a mysterious picture painted by various colors of crayons suddenly appeared. Watching the picture, the word “land mark” springs to mind completely out of the blue. Giving directions suddenly becomes easy: “… go straight and turn right at the building that has a mural painting painted, probably by crayon, then you find…” This picture will serve as a strikingly important mark in this too ordinary town.

Children meeting this picture every morning and evening on their way to schools, will lock it away at the bottom of their memory. And someday they will grow up and see pictures by Paul Klee, known as the magician of colors, and will feel a sweet sense of deja vu as if they have seen his pictures before somewhere.

C.I. (Kanto-Koshinetsu branch)


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